Premium Meats and Cheeses

The premium meats and real cheeses we use on our pizzas meet the highest standards of quality and freshness!

Premium Meats
We’re committed to using only authentic, superior-quality meats on our pizzas. Our beef and sausage are made with 100% beef and pork, blended with special seasonings for distinctive flavor. You won’t find TVP (textured vegetable protein) or fillers in our meats. We believe only 100% real meats, specially cooked to give them hearty flavor, give our pizzas the mouthwatering flavor you’ll love!

Real Cheeses
If you like cheese, you’ll love our signature mozzarella cheese. It’s exclusive to Papa John’s and crafted from 100% mozzarella and high-quality milk by one of America’s finest cheese producers. Mild and delicate, yet full-bodied in flavor, it’s proof that cheese really can “make” the pizza!